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How sugar affects your brain

by Edward
Good ol sugar

That sweet substance that makes us feel better when we are down...

The pacifier when our children are upset...

A product with sugar in it is probably one of the easiest things to get our hands on.

The questions is...

Is sugar good for us or not?

Personally I have been suffering with boils for a long time and tried absolutely everything to get rid of those red painful lumps that makes your life a living hell.

I have tried every herbal remedy that you can think of and they kept on coming back.


I decided to cut sugar and carbohydrates out of my diet and voice...

No more boils

I also have lots more energy and feel great.

Here is a video to show you what sugar does to your brain...
My personal recommendation is either limit the intake of sugar if you struggle with it or cut it out completely. You will be doing a massive favor to yourself in the future. Who does not want to live long healthy lives? My wish for you is to not be riddled with various diseases. I read an article somewhere, cannot remember where (sorry). This article stated that every person living today is destined to be on 6 various permanent medications at the age of 60. This is a scary statistic.

In the event of you struggling to defeat the sugar monster there is a great program to help you conquer the sugar giant.

Simply click here to check it out

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