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My name is Edward Van der Merwe and I am the founder of fatlossgeneration.com.

I understand fully what it feels like to be overweight as I have personally been overweight most of my life until a couple of years ago I got fed up with being a fatty and started experimenting with various diets, supplements, and anything that promised fat loss.

During this journey a person learns a lot. A little more about this later.

Here are some of the things that I experienced as a fat person:
  • Absolutely no confidence ( I would avoid being helped inside any store because I did not want to speak to the assistant)
  • School was rough. Name calling galore! I was called things like Teddy, The Michelin Man, etc...
  • Living in isolation and only having a small handful of friends
  • Not playing outside with friends or doing physical sports
  • Overall, it sucks
Like I mentioned before, A couple of years ago I decided that I need to get my fat ass into a gym and start changing my life.

I tested every program I could find. I tested a lot of supplements, I even had a personal trainer for six months.

During this time period I have learned tons of things.

I now know what works, and what does not work. I have achieved the results that I wanted and then life happened.

There was a series of negative events, I used it as an excuse to eat again (comfort food). Very silly mistake.

I then lost the weight once again. This time around it was easier than before.

I am 100 % certain that I know how to lose weight in the shortest amount of time. I also decided to prove it.

I ate myself fat for the last time so that I can track my progress when I start losing the weight again. I want to prove to people that anyone can do it and that excuses are the easy way out, however in the long term it affects your body in an extremely negative way.
On the right you will see a selfie that I took of my fat self. I am embarking on a transformation which I will track and monitor.

I am weighing myself weekly and will post pictures every 4 weeks.

You can view my progress on our blog under the category: Transform with Edward.

I will be creating a separate page later for this transformation.

You can contact me by submitting your questions on our contact us page.