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3 Ways To Burn Fat Fast

by Edward
We are living in a day and age where obesity is starting to plague our world. There truly is an abundance of people that are overweight and struggle with their weight.

I will be going through ways how you can lose body weight quickly and naturally.

I am a big fan of losing fat naturally as it is the safest. There are some funky and scary drugs out there that make a lot of promises.

I have however come to the conclusion that the same results can be done with food and minimal supplements.

Let's get into it
1. Diet
Diet is the most important part of fat loss. You can drink all the fat burners and miracle pills in the world, if your diet is bad, you will struggle with fat loss.

The question is which diet works best?

There are so many options available nowadays, to choose one that works can be a pain in the behind...

I have tested a lot of various diet plan and the one I would recommend that truly works is the Banting diet. I know I keep on hammering on this, but it is only because I am such a firm believer in the diet and it produces phenomenal results for me.

In my opinion, following the Banting diet is the quickest way to lose body fat

It gives quick results, it keeps you healthy, you will see results within a week

It works for both men, and women

It is the best of all the low carb diets

Let me explain in more detail...
Your body does not need carbohydrates to function properly. There is absolutely no need for carbohydrates whatsoever. We only need fat and protein to keep going. Since the food pyramid has been changed telling us that we need to have 6-11 servings of carbohydrates per day

You can check out the food pyramid here
The moment people starting eating differently all sorts of various diseases starting appearing that we never had before...


You will have more energy and a lot less health problems following a high fat, low carbohydrate diet.

This brings me back to the Banting diet. I am on this diet and nobody can convince me that it does not work.

Visit our resources page and get the free food lists to get started today

Should you need more information, simply visit our shop and check out the real meal revolution book. It will explain Banting in detail.
We link directly with Amazon and that is where the book will come from.
Check out the video...

This is professor Tim Noakes talking about the Banting Diet

It will clarify a lot of questions that you currently have concerning the lchf diet.

The true enemy causing fat gain is actually insulin and not eating fat.
2. Training
In my personal opinion training is extremely important.

There are a lot of various weight loss programs that say you do not need to exercise.

Keep the following statement in mind: You only have 1 body When it breaks down, you cannot go into bodies R us and buy a new one. We need to take care of our bodies!

Which exercises are the best to follow?
There are some programs that give better results than others in my opinion.

I am personally using [Kris Gethin`s shortcut to shred program] at the moment.

His programs work best for me and I truly enjoy the gym environment In just 4 weeks I see amazing results.

Now that is rapid weight loss. But, Training is something you can do anywhere, anytime!

Here are a few examples that you can follow:
1. Weight training at a gym (My favorite)
2. Go jogging in the mornings or evenings
3. Buy a bicycle and go for 20-30 minute rides
4. Instead of riding the lift in a mall, use the stairs
5. Join a club like boxing, Crossfit etc.

We need to keep our bodies in good physical condition. The problems usually sneak up on us 10,20 or 50 years from today. Make an investment into your future daily!
3. Sleeping
Our bodies force us to feel tired and the need to sleep for a reason.

Sleep is not a nice to have, it is a must have!

Here are some benefits of getting adequate sleep:
  • Our bodies repair while we sleep
  • Getting enough sleep assists with weight loss
  • You concentrate and focus better when you slept enough
  • It improves your mood. Who feels like smiling when they are extremely tired?
  • Keeps your immune system strong
  • You will have improved memory
Getting enough sleep is extremely important and neglected in our society today

Our busy lifestyle has trained us to believe we need to sleep less so we can get more done

We run on caffeine like cars run on gas. It is ridiculous and has to stop

Start making changes in your life so that you can have improved sleep!
A big mistake that I made in the beginning is that I learned all these nifty weight loss tricks and systems.


I did not nothing with it and was still overweight. Nothing changed.

I want you to make the decision today that you are going to take action and change your life.
You can achieve your dream body. It is a simple step by step process.

So please take what you learned today and apply it to your life.

Please leave me a comment, or join our email list for more great content and a 7 day step by step plan to start getting your best body ever

Quote: "It is not the direction of the wind, but the setting of the sail that determines where you end up" - Jim Rohn

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