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3 Valentines Day Ideas

by Edward
When you are going strong with a fat loss program, public holidays, birthdays and special functions can sometimes be a real pain in the behind when it comes to your hard progress.

However it does not have to be...

Here are a few suggestions for valentines day

1. Start a journey together

When both yourself, and your partner have been struggling with your weight...

Why not turn it into a team effort?

Use this valentines day to commit to each other that this will be the year where you both have the best physique`s ever.

You can also use this as extreme motivation as you are always there to pick each other up when things get tough. It also assist in accountability to keep going when you feel like giving up.

Discuss it, and decide to become the best looking couple ever!

2. Have fun

You can also use today as your cheat day...

You have been working hard, the results are rolling in. Make the decision to reward yourself with a special dinner tonight for all the hard work you put in.

The key to this strategy is to only stick to the one reward meal and then get cracking again with your fat loss goals. Do not use your 1 cheat meal as an excuse to keep on eating incorrectly and then after 4 weeks you have gained all the weight back.

This happens and I have personally experienced it.

The reason that you make the decision to reward yourself tonight is that you will feel no guilt for eating the wrong food tomorrow morning, or even just after the meal.

So go ahead, have a fun evening, enjoy all the foods you do not want to eat while you are on your eating plan!

3. Cook for valentines

Here is the situation:
You are both on a fat losing plan and do not want to falter.

Simply cook all the food yourself at home. Make a nice candlelight dinner for you and your other half. You can eat healthy and still have a great time. You do not need to eat all the incorrect foods to have a great time.

This way you are still on your fat loss plan, you are having a nice romantic evening. It is simply a win win.


Use these guidelines when it comes to special function and events.
Personally I am going for option 2 today

I hope you have a great valentines day!

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